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The commitment to results focused on our areas of expertise in robust engineering, a know-how in Phimeca Engineering, guarantees to the industry players an accompanying with a high added value and a better control of their budget and calendar in the project development phase.

Acquired after more than 10 years, the PHIMECA expert assessment in robust engineering guarantees to its customers an accompanying with a high added value in the conception phases and development of projects in the project management, reliability, probabilistic calculations, simulations, dependability and nuclear safety jobs.

The fee PHIMECA Engineering solution affects projects realized in our offices with an commitment to results. This service are realized using specifications or technical specifications that we can help to develop/specify. Our commitment is re transcribed through a proposition which shows our comprehension of the specific need and the context in which fits the service and defines precisely not only the methodology but also the organizing and planning elements, the associated deliverable and the potential elements in which the formula has to be pronounced. This solution promotes the technical skills, the access to new technologies, the mastery of the budget with results and planning imposed, including the construction of closed relationships and an incorporation adapted to the operating procedures and to the constraints of our customers.

This commitment to results implies :

  • an organization by project : all the company dispositions, particularly, its Quality system and its information System are designed according to this guideline.
  • a single interlocutor, the project manager, who guarantees the quality and the planning.
  • trades experts.
  • an improvement and a capitalization of the know-how and daily methodologies which we help to transfer to our customers whom so require.
  1. To analyze the needs and the constraints in terms of results and incorporation of the service realized in the customer projects.
  2. To provide appropriated, relevant and brief solutions to satisfy your demands.
  3. To realize the service and transfer it towards improved efficiency and quality.
  4. To ensure ongoing and systematic monitoring of the services on the technical and organizational plan.
  5. To anticipate your needs thanks to an observation and to the consideration for your strategic, technical and budgetary evolution.


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PHIMECA Engineering est une société d’ingénierie spécialisée dans l’évaluation et l’optimisation des performances des produits et des systèmes. Sa vocation est de proposer des solutions en ingénierie robuste et en fiabilité en s’appuyant sur un socle scientifique solide, un esprit d’entreprise et des valeurs morales partagés par tous ses collaborateurs.