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PHIMECA Engineering has been created in the framework of innovation law of July 1999 by the PhD Maurice Pendola, further to his thesis work. First, the company contributed to the valuation of the developed technologies in IFMA (French Institute for Advanced Mechanics) by the Professor Maurice Lemaire’s Team. Since then, PHIMECA develops an original strategy in the uncertainty maintenance for a robust and reliable design in close partnership.

Maurice Pendola

Further to a master’s degree in IFMA French Institute for Advanced Mechanics and to a thesis within the CIFRE agreement to research and development in EDF and in association with the Blaise Pascal University, Maurice Pendola decided to create PHIMECA Engineering to add value at once to his researches and IFMA’s ones in reliability of structures and disseminate them as widely as possible in the industry and the engineering training.

Convinced that the contribution of computer simulation would continue to be strengthened in support of all the Product life-cycle, he chose to develop solutions and services allowing industry players and simulation users to obtain the most information of theirs analyses by creating opportunities to transfer between the virtual and the available data in the company to help them anticipate and make the necessary strategic decisions, to reduce the risks or to improve their product performance.

From now on, his works concerns just as well the complex systems where there is a lot at stake as components of nuclear power plants and the infrastructures or the Defense’s equipment, and products of bigger series as windscreen wipers, the watchmaking or some medical equipment.

Maurice Lemaire

Nowadays, professor emeritus at the French Institute for Advanced Mechanics (IFMA) in Clermont-Ferrand, throughout his career he had been interested in taking into account of uncertainties in the mechanical behavior modeling.

His activity was developed through academic and industrial research tasks, particularly in a strategic partnership not only with EDF but also with Renault, the CEA and others companies, and the creation of teaching activities. He managed numerous theses and presented scientific communications in specialist journals (Structural Safety, Reliability Engineering and Safety, ...) and during international congresses (ICOSSAR - International Conference on Structural Safety and Reliability, ICASP - International Conference on Applications of Statistics and Probability (chairperson of the last one)), he wrote in 2005 a book published by Hermes untitled Structural Reliability, translated into English by ISTE.

Under the scientific activities, he founded the study group «Mécanique & Incertain» (Mechanics and uncertainty) in the French mechanical Association and also he participates in the Institut de Maîtrise des Risques (French Risk Management Institute). His participation in expertise groups and in Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Equipment scientific councils also gives him a vast experience in the scientific management.

Companies requested his expert assessment in the framework of research and industrial development projects. With Maurice Pendola, he founded PHIMECA Engineering Company which confirms the uncertainty control in industrial projects and product service. Nowadays, he is the scientific administrator and adviser of that company.


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PHIMECA engineering is an engineering company specialized in the optimization, the reliability and the robustness of products and structures.
Its goal is to provide solutions for robust engineering based on solid scientific foundations, entrepreneurial spirit and moral values shared by all its collaborators.