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For more than 10 years now, PHIMECA engineering is working with SMEs and bigger companies on their product development by the robustness of its solutions.

PHIMECA Company was created in 2001. In the framework of innovation law of july 1999, this company is the vector of the valuation of works carried out by a research team in the field of applied probability for engineers, which requires the uncertainty introduction in the computer simulation of physical phenomena, for instance to help make decisions regarding the structures dimensioning and maintenance, and industrial installations.

Based on a strong expertise in advanced mechanical engineering, PHIMECA Company wins fame in system engineering (studies, expert assessments, trainings, technology tool realization) and more specifically in the probabilistic approaches applied to the industrial systems, for which it is a national reference committed in international debates.

From the specification to the turn-key solutions delivery, PHIMECA company leads your conceptual design, dimensioning and critical components and optimization of mechanical or physical systems with a quality result commitment guaranteed by internationally reputed experts.

Some key steps

  • 2001 : creation and award winner of the national competition for innovative company creation (creation way)
  • 2002 : first hiring employee
  • 2003 : award winner of the national competition for innovative company creation (development way)
  • 2005 : tenth hiring employee
  • 2006 : award winner of the French Masters of Business Creation
  • 2007 : opening of the south-east agency and 330 m2 acquisition of office space in Cournon
  • 2008 : twentieth hiring employee
  • 2009 : opening of the Paris agency
  • 2012 : Regional Council of Auvergne support in the framework of investment funds Auvergne sustainable to support and to continue the development


Centre d'affaires du Zénith
34 rue de Sarliève
F-63800 Cournon d'Auvergne
Tél. : (00 33) 4 73 28 93 66
Fax : (00 33) 4 73 28 95 78


18/20 boulevard de Reuilly
F-75012 Paris
Tél. : (00 33) 1 58 51 18 02

Mentions légales

PHIMECA Engineering est une société d’ingénierie spécialisée dans l’évaluation et l’optimisation des performances des produits et des systèmes. Sa vocation est de proposer des solutions en ingénierie robuste et en fiabilité en s’appuyant sur un socle scientifique solide, un esprit d’entreprise et des valeurs morales partagés par tous ses collaborateurs.