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INFRASTAR : Innovation & Risk Management

Innovation and Networking for Fatigue and Reliability Analysis of Structures

Teaming up with IFSTTAR and 7 other industrial partners, PHIMECA is playing an active part in promoting research in structure reliability.

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Among diverse R&D projects currently driven by PHIMECA as an involved member of the scientific research world, one could mention INFRASTAR, with risk management and structure management optimization as a core problematic, for which we host M. Morteza AHMADIVALA’s PhD thesis.

INFRASTAR is overseen by IFSTTAR, the French Institute of Sciences and Technologies for Transportation, Development and Networks, and deals among other examples with concrete fatigue behavior and wind-caused actions onto new or old structures, unique or similar, for assets such as wind turbines or bridges.

The knowledge therefor created could lead to significant reduction of energy and raw materials consumption, thanks to non-destructive test processes and infrastructure management optimization over the whole product’s lifecycle, from conception to recycling.

Find out more on IFSTTAR’s website

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