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Mechanical Simulations

Calculation and mechanical dimensioning by finite elements for Industry.

The mechanical calculation is based on 3 major axes :

  • the dimensioning and the validation of standards (AFNOR, Eurocodes, FEM, CODAP, etc.) ;
  • the material modeling (isotropic, composite, elastomer, etc.), of components (pressing, foundry, etc.) and of assembly (circular weld beads, screw connections, etc.) ;
  • and the behavior simulation: static, dynamic, vibratory, thermomechanical, buckling, fracture mechanics, etc.

Computer calculation goals

Based on its expertize, PHIMECA Engineering assists you in the implementation of your calculation process to allow you :

  • to guarantee a dimensioning which respects the applicable standards ;
  • to estimate the mechanical resistance of the system and realize iterations on the initial design to optimize it (gain in mass, bulk, improvement of the resistance) before even a prototype realization ;
  • to determine the operating life in the time according to the loading cycles imposed on the structure (analysis in uni-axial or multi-axial fatigue) ;
  • to simulate an industrial process (pressing, folding...).

Step of a finite-element modeling

According to the complexity of the system, PHIMECA Engineering can use strength of material approaches or even, as soon as it is necessary, can resort to a modeling by the finite-elements method.

A structural modeling goes through:

  • the definition of a design concept or the simplification of the CAO coming from your study office;
  • the definition of the environment and the loadings of the structure: pressure, stress, vibratory level, acceleration, temperature field, forced displacement, earthquakes, impacts, etc. ;
  • the definition of the material features of this system (isotropic, anisotropic and orthotropic characteristics);
  • the connection properties of these elements (welding points, weld beads, bolted joints, bonding,rivets...).

General course of services

PHIMECA Engineering :

  • if it is necessary, participates to the definition of your need by identifying with you the standards to apply, the load cases to considerate, etc. ;
  • responds to your need by keeping you informed of the progress through especially project reviews at the key points of the study ;
  • concludes about the mechanical resistance of the system by proposing you areas for improvement if it is necessary ;
  • invites you to take advantage of its expertise for the mechanical dimensioning of components for all sectors, aeronautics, automobile, railway, defense, space, nuclear energy and industry in the broad sense of the term.

PHIMECA Engineering uses pr-post and finite-elements solver soft wares below :

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information about the Mechanical Calculations contact@phimeca.com

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