Computer Simulations

Faithful to its vocation to propose solution for robust engineering and for reliability, PHIMECA Engineering proposes a skills base for the realization of studies or the tool development which permits to simulate for deciding.


Based on its historic skills in mechanics and applied mathematics, PHIMECA Engineering accompanies you for :

  • The construction of computer modeling of the behavior of your products or systems to optimize their design ;
  • The test or testing ground modeling to realize numerical testing plans or a better interpretation of experimental results ;
  • Development of business processes or software platforms based on robust tools (Abaqus, Code-Aster, Ansys, etc. ) to improve your conception designs.

For that, PHIMECA Engineering relies on its know-how in :

  • Mechanics ;
  • Determinist or probabilistic experimental plans ;
  • Meta-models (or response surfaces) by Gaussian process (Kriging), polynomial chaos, etc. ;
  • Optimization, determinist, probabilistic and topological ;
  • Scientific computing : applied mathematics and algorithmic (Matlab, Scilab, Python, R), HIC creation, etc.

Abaqus : Business application development in Abaqus environment

Code_Aster : Free software of computer simulation in structural mechanics

Since 2010, PHIMECA Engineering participates actively in Code_Aster corrective maintenance, calculation software developed by EDT R&D. PHIMECA Engineering develops new functionalities for the EDF internal or external needs. This work permits to PHIMECA Engineering keeping a mastery of methods used in the computer simulation.

The Code_Aster status give access to the code sources. PHIMECA Engineering proposes to realize specific developments to set up a methodology dedicated to your needs. It could be a new behavior law introduction, a new elementary calculation, a new element type or the enrichment of the calculation results.

Other category of services are available :

  • specific post-treatments.
  • Code_Aster installation in parallel version.
  • assistance in the use of this free software by training you and by evaluating your needs.

SaloméMéca : Free computer simulation platform

The SaloméMéca platform is constituted by per-post-treatment modules for fine-element calculation, thermomechanical calculations with Code_Aster, probabilistic calculations with OpenTurns, coupling of calculation codes with YACS.

This platform is used for building customizable scripts which provide geometries and networks. In this way, PHIMECA has realized for the needs of TOTAL company a drilling networks.

PHIMECA Engineering proposes to develop software tool interfaces for the realization of specific studies using the different modules of the platform.

For instance, PHIMECA Engineering has realized for EDF R&D the Crack Analysis assistant in the Code_Aster module. This allows to accompany the platform user in the data settings of a model study in the field of the rupture by the X-FEM method. PHIMECA Engineering proposes the integration of others similar tools for a targeted survey which will permit a simplify implementation study in the free platform.

PHIMECA Engineering is also implementing couplings between modules through YACS module like the Code_Aster and OpenTURNS coupling which permits to realize sensitivity studies or to built response interfaces associated with physical phenomena.


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Mentions légales

PHIMECA Engineering est une société d’ingénierie spécialisée dans l’évaluation et l’optimisation des performances des produits et des systèmes. Sa vocation est de proposer des solutions en ingénierie robuste et en fiabilité en s’appuyant sur un socle scientifique solide, un esprit d’entreprise et des valeurs morales partagés par tous ses collaborateurs.