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OpenTURNS is a C++ library usable through a literal interface Python allowing the uncertainty treatment. It is co-developed by EADS IW, EDF R&D and PHIMECA Engineering.

OpenTURNS, Open source initiative to Treat Uncertainties, Risks’N Statistics, is the completion in the form of a tool of the treatment of uncertainties global methodology promoted by EDF R&D’s Uncertainty Network.

Thanks to a whole range of methods, the tool permits to spread, quantify and classify the uncertainties.

Developed under Unix/Linux and projected on Microsoft Windows, OpenTURNS can be used as a C++ library, under Python module and included in a business application. OpenTURNS is also compatible with Salomé, a generic platform for CAD-calculation-display.

OpenTURNS is under LGPL license regarding his computer code.

PHIMECA Engineering proposes an overall offer, introducing the uncertainty aspect in a computer simulation problems with :

  • Studies and analyses of the need,
  • Informatics tools development on a OpenTURNS basis (with or without a graphical user interface),
  • Maintenance and support,
  • Training session.


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