PhimecaSoft is an uncertainty treatment software based on OpenTURNS. It is couple-able with any calculation code and permits to spread, quantify and order the uncertainties.


The computer analysis of physical phenomenon is often realized by using deterministic data coming from expertise or counterbalanced by safety coefficients. However, despite these precautions, zero risk does not exist and the penalty caused by the safety coefficients can be expensive. The natural variability prevents any perfect knowledge. The need to reflect this is, so, unavoidable to optimize the reliability of a structure without destroying its cost of construction/maintenance.

PhimecaSoft allows to introduce the risk concept in each physical problematic. In this way the analysis is not deterministic anymore but stochastic. Strong in its graphical multi-platform interface, PhimecaSoft is simple to use. The software organization follow the scheme in 4 treatment of uncertainties phases :

  • Physical modeling of the problematic,
  • Probabilistic modeling of the input data,
  • Propagation of uncertainties for the sensitivity or reliability analysis,
  • Determination of the input data influence on the on-put result.
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Functionality of PhimecaSoft


  • Programming in python
  • import of data files
  • 20 supplies

Reliability analysis methods using a rough calculation of the borderline

  • First-order reliability method (FORM)
  • Second-order reliability method (SORM)
  • Multi-FORM
  • 2SMART

Reliability analysis methods by simulations

  • Monte-Carlo simulation
  • Draw of importance
  • Conditional draw
  • Directional draw
  • Subset simulation

Experimental plan calculation

  • Determinist : complete, axial, factorial, composite
  • Random : Latin hypercube, Monte-Carlo, quasi-Monte-Carlo

Meta-model evaluation

  • Polynomial chaos(full, hallow)
  • Support Vector Regression (SVR)
  • Kriging

Data statistical analysis

  • Statistical calculator
  • Inference by maximum-likelihood

Realized coupling

Couplage PhimecaSoft par PHIMECA_Engineering

  • Code_Aster
  • Matlab
  • Scilab
  • R
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Computational code Fortran


  • Batch interface Python
  • Mufti-occupational tutorials
  • Compatibility Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 and Linux


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Mentions légales

PHIMECA Engineering est une société d’ingénierie spécialisée dans l’évaluation et l’optimisation des performances des produits et des systèmes. Sa vocation est de proposer des solutions en ingénierie robuste et en fiabilité en s’appuyant sur un socle scientifique solide, un esprit d’entreprise et des valeurs morales partagés par tous ses collaborateurs.