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Probabilistic tolerancing : development of a new software tool - Tolsis

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In partnership with MECAmaster aiming for integration within the CATIA interface, PHIMECA is developing a solver-type plug-in named Tolsis enabling tolerance analysis on overdeterminate mecanisms. This solver’s specificity is that it does not require any particular assumption to overcome the mecanism’s overdetermination.

Manufacturing deviation is characterized by random variables which permits to gauge the mecanism’s probability to be unfit for assembly and/or dysfunctional. It will also allow verification of a surface’s compliance with specified tolerance thresholds also by evaluation of a probability. First version’s forecasted release date shall be around 2018’s 2nd semester.

PHIMECA has been granted BPI(French Public Bank of Investment)’s and the Regional Counsel AURA’s support to carry out these works which are part of the FUI AHTOLAND project. This project is also supported by the ENSAM of Metz, the SIGMA Clermont School of Engineering, Radiall Ltd, Valeo Issoire and Pierburg GmbH.

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