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Research & Development

Research and development have a prominent place in PHIMECA Engineering.

ANR and European Projects

PHIMECA Engineering has always been invested in research projects approaching the treated problems from the angle of the uncertainties in applied mathematics. PHIMECA Engineering is especially employed on these projects:

  • INFRASTAR: Innovative and Networking for Fatigue and Reliability Analysis of Structures - Training for Assessment of Risk ;
  • FETUS: impact of waves emitted from mobile phones on pregnant women study ;
  • ActiSurTT : active devices for vehicles security in off-road environnement ;
  • UFO : uncertainty quantification for fluid mechanics and the optimization ;
  • SICODYN : for credible simulations via the uncertainty correlation calculation-test and estimation in structural dynamics ;
  • APPRoFi : mechanical and probabilistic approach for fatigue resistant conception ;
  • SIGMA : Seismic Ground Motion Assessment ;
  • EvaDéOS : non-destructive evaluation for structures’ degradation and prediction, and optimization of their monitoring ;
  • Long Life Bridges : Bridge reliability ;
  • METEO-MARKETING project: Optimizing digital advertising campaigns using machine learning to integrate weather parameter ;

These projects are co-funded by:

Internal developments

PHIMECA Engineering devotes a large portion of the research to exploitation of knowledges through numerical methods and tools.
The majority of these developpements is available for our customers through our PhimecaSoft software as well as our business applications.

PHIMECA Engineering participates in OpenTURNS development, numerical library for the treatment of uncertainties in engineering.


With its origins in research projects, PHIMECA Engineering has succeeded into maintining a relevant research and development activity in an entreprenarial format. With 5 doctoral theses in mechanical engineering (in association with Blaise Pascal University, IFMA and Pascal Institute) and a sixth one in progress, PHIMECA Engineering is one of the main actors in the transfert of skills from research to the industry.

Rodrigue Décatoire’s Thesis (In process) : Optimization of inspection plans of structures under a stochastic degradation context : application on concrete structures.

Yann Caniou’s Thesis : Global sensitivity analysis for nested and multiscale modelling.

PDF - 6.1 Mb
Thèse Yann Caniou 2012
Analyse de sensibilité globale pour les modèles de simulation imbriqués et multiéchelles.

Hung Dang Xuan’s Thesis : Uncertainty quantification for multi-scale problems – identification of stress random fields in polycrystalline aggregates simulation.

PDF - 9.6 Mb
Thèse Hung Dang Xuan 2012
Identification de la variabilité spatiale des champs de contraintes dans les agrégats polycristallins et application à l’approche locale de la rupture.

Vincent Dubourg’s Thesis : Adaptive surrogate models for reliability analysis and reliability-based design optimization.

PDF - 12.6 Mb
Thèse Vincent Dubourg 2011
Méta-modèles adaptatifs pour l’analyse de fiabilité et l’optimisation sous contrainte fiabiliste.

François Deheeger’s Thesis :probabilistic mechanics : 2 SMART - stochastic learning methodology in structural reliability.

PDF - 6.5 Mb
Thèse Francois Deheeger 2008
Couplage mécano-fiabiliste : 2 SMART - méthodologie d’apprentissage stochastique en fiabilité.

Frédéric Perrin’s Thesis : Probabilistic engineering mechanics experimental data considerations in the probabilist engineering mechanics for estimating the lifespan of concrete structures.

PDF - 7.3 Mb
Thèse Frédéric Perrin 2008
Prise en compte des données expérimentales dans les modèles probabilistes pour la prévision de la durée de vie des structures.

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PHIMECA engineering is an engineering company specialized in the optimization, the reliability and the robustness of products and structures.
Its goal is to provide solutions for robust engineering based on solid scientific foundations, entrepreneurial spirit and moral values shared by all its collaborators.