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Find in this section the different products offered by PHIMECA Engineering.

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    The commitment to results focused on our areas of expertise in robust engineering, a know-how in Phimeca Engineering, guarantees to the industry players an accompanying with a high added value and a better control of their budget and calendar in the project development phase.

  • Technical support

    PHIMECA Engineering ’s historical know-how, our expertize in engineering guarantees clients invaluable support at every development phase of their projects.


Centre d'affaires du Zénith
34 rue de Sarliève
F-63800 Cournon d'Auvergne
Tél. : (00 33) 4 73 28 93 66
Fax : (00 33) 4 73 28 95 78


18/20 boulevard de Reuilly
F-75012 Paris
Tél. : (00 33) 1 58 51 18 02

Mentions légales

PHIMECA engineering is an engineering company specialized in the optimization, the reliability and the robustness of products and structures.
Its goal is to provide solutions for robust engineering based on solid scientific foundations, entrepreneurial spirit and moral values shared by all its collaborators.