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Robust engineering by PHIMECA

PHIMECA Engineering is an engineering company specialized in the product evaluation and optimization and in system performances. Its vocation is to propose solutions for robust engineering and in reliability by using sound scientific bases, the entrepreneurial spirit and moral values shared by all its collaborators.

PHIMECA Engineering was created in 2001 by a team of internationally reputed engineers and scientists coming from the French Institute for Advanced Mechanics convinced by the industrial contribution of a digital modeling and the careful consideration of the dispersal and uncertainties for structural calculations.

Over the years, PHIMECA Engineering has gradually developed its expert assessment building on 2 original competences, the probability theory and the computer simulation, to offer a complete package based on the robust engineering:

  • Calculations & computer simulation;
  • Reliability & Uncertainties in engineering.
  • Dependability & Nuclear Safety

PHIMECA Engineering supports its customers during the conception, the utilization, and the system maintenance and propose them adapted solutions and tools in the field of :

  • Data analysis;
  • Robust engineering / reliability;
  • Operating performance control;
  • Risk control.

All over its development, PHIMECA Engineering kept a foot in industry attentive to its customers, and the other one in the research to develop and improve its methods. This helps PHIMECA Engineering to have real innovation capability in advanced mechanics and in dependability.

Revolving the computer simulations, the dependability and the nuclear safety trades around probability theory and statistics and intervening in the whole project development cycle, methods and tools developed by PHIMECA Engineering help guide you in making the right decisions at the proper time and according to the real available information from the pilot passing through the conception, the qualification and the industrialization, to the utilization.

They bring robust gains, offer to identify the risk, to strengthen safety or improve the operating performances, and reduce the clarification period of the systems with a strong mechanical component as the structures, the machines or the industrial equipment.


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PHIMECA engineering is an engineering company specialized in the optimization, the reliability and the robustness of products and structures.
Its goal is to provide solutions for robust engineering based on solid scientific foundations, entrepreneurial spirit and moral values shared by all its collaborators.